Andrew Koenig's Family Asks For Help Finding Missing Actor

Former 'Growing Pains' co-star was last seen February 14.

Andrew Koenig has been missing for 11 days, and now the "Growing Pains" actor's parents are reaching out to the public for help in finding their son. Walter Koenig and Judy Levitt Koenig appeared on "The Today Show" Wednesday (February 24) morning, marking their first network television interview since Andrew disappeared on February 14.

"It's very, very tough," said Walter, best known for playing Pavel Chekov on the original "Star Trek" television series, about his son's disappearance. "He was very depressed about his life."

"He is very much loved and beloved in this world," Judy added. "I just hope he gets that feeling."

Andrew was last seen on February 14 by his friend Jenny Magenta, who revealed on "Today" that she hasn't seen him since going to sleep that evening. "That night I went to bed, and in the morning he was gone," she said, adding that Koenig left her a note in the morning. "But it just [said], 'Thank you, from Andrew.' Nothing [else]."

Since his disappearance, Andrew's friends, family and former colleagues have voiced their concern and support in a multitude of ways including prepared statements and informal pleas on Twitter. While his whereabouts remain unknown, law enforcement officials say that they're starting to receive some leads.

"We've had tips that he was seen at an Olympics venue last night, so the tips are coming in," Constable Tim Fanning of Vancouver revealed to "Today," adding that so far, "nothing has been solid."

With so much time having passed since Andrew's disappearance, some are starting to fear the worst. "I don't want to think that way," said Walter when asked if he's contemplated the possibility that his son has died. "I'm trying very hard not to think that way."

For now, the Koenig family is holding on to as much hope as they reasonably can, with Andrew's sister Danielle offering her own thoughts on the situation directly and lovingly: "He's just a loving, sweet man, and we just want him back."