D. Woods Says Diddy Influencing Her Post-Danity Kane Career

'He's an incredible business mind, so I took a lot of those things for myself,' singer says on 'The Mo'Nique Show.'

The ladies of [artist id="2400155"]Danity Kane[/artist] have been lying low since the drama of their highly publicized breakup. Now D. Woods, who was kicked out of Danity Kane by the group's former boss, Diddy, is ready to return to the music industry.

Woods stopped by "The Mo'Nique Show" to perform "Legalize Me" off her new album, The Gray Area, due out later this year. And she admitted that as things were getting bleak for the future of Danity Kane, she knew that she wouldn't be in the group for much longer.

"I had to suck it up and just bow out gracefully," she explained. "You put the pieces together. You know when you're not gonna be there much longer, so that's kind of how [I dealt with it]. And my mother, she set a wonderful example. I'm glad I had a really great teacher, and she was very proud of how I handled myself."

She said what she learned from the experience was watching Diddy mold Danity Kane into a chart-topping success. "He's an incredible business mind, great marketing, visionary. So I took a lot of those things for myself," she said. "And of course I'm remixing them and now I have my own label imprint, and guess who the first artist is: me!"

With a new label of her own and a new album ready to go, Woods says that making The Gray Area was the best way to vent about her experiences. "The Gray Area is a collection of songs that I made through this transition period," she said. "And instead of being depressed or down on myself or unproductive, I got in my studio and did what I do. That's been my therapy. I have a lot that I haven't even shown the world."

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