Lil Wayne And Eminem's 'Drop The World' Video To Premiere Next Month

Clip premieres March 11 on MTV.

Lil Wayne and Eminem will come together once again when MTV premieres the video for "Drop the World," the acclaimed rappers' landmark collaboration, on March 11.

Lil Wayne feverishly filmed a series of music videos in the weeks leading up to what he thought would be his last day of freedom two weeks ago, before dental surgery postponed his prison sentence. Director David Rousseau told MTV News that the Cash Money superstar recorded up to nine videos in one weekend, though most were in front of a green screen so his image could be added later to the finished clips.

Wayne was definitely on the set for the Chris Robinson-directed "Drop the World," however, which was filmed the night before the pair performed a snippet of the track, the next single from Wayne's Rebirth album, at the Grammys.

Robinson told MTV News he was very conscious of the heavy weight carried by both hip-hop superstars, likening the onscreen collaboration to a cinematic counterpart: "How did Scorsese put Jack Nicholson and Leonardo DiCaprio in the same movie?" And while he wouldn't reveal the premise driving the video, he promised it will match the song's intensity.

"As a director, it's how do you, more than anything, combine these two artists together and create something that's special," he explained. "Because when you have two artists together, it's like, 'Oh, they'll stand next to each other [and that's it].' It's very awkward sometimes to have two very big stars. How are you gonna cover that? Especially two artists that are so big. You can do that with a performance at the Grammys, because the spectacle is to watch them onstage and sit in the audience and look at it. But as an artistic piece to have some magic, or if it's a mood piece or whatever way you communicate the music, you have to take two people into consideration with how you do that.

"You got two guys who are basically huge supernovas coming together, and the way that the song is constructed is great," he continued. "Because unless you see it coming, you don't know Eminem is on the track. The first two hooks and the first two verses are all Wayne, and it's kind of a surprise when Eminem comes through, and we matched it visually how Eminem enters the piece. From the concept and to just hearing the lyrics, with both of these amazing lyricists killing it, the whole video is just energy."

Wayne is scheduled to begin his one-year jail sentence in New York on March 2 after undergoing eight root canals.