Remy Ma Denies Rumored Romance With Nicki Minaj

Imprisoned rapper also talks about husband Papoose and starting a family during radio interview.

Jailed rapper [artist id="2002726"]Remy Ma[/artist] was in good spirits when she phoned into a Connecticut hip-hop station recently, where the Bronx lyricist spoke about husband Papoose and her imprisonment and denied a romance with Lil Wayne protégé Nicki Minaj.

Remy responded to host Jenny Boom Boom's questions about a video that appeared online last year of a woman claiming to have had an intimate relationship with the rapper. The woman was listed in the clip as Nicki from the Bronx, and rumors spread online that it was a pre-Young Money [artist id="3055069"]Nicki Minaj[/artist]. The fodder intensified once the audio spread in which the Bronx woman listed details about their relationship.

The former Terror Squad member, however, denied the charge. "I haven't been with a girl ever in my life," she said.

Remy, though, had nothing but praise for Minaj, something she doesn't offer easily to her fellow femcees. "I'm happy for her," she said. "I'm actually really happy for her."

The rapper is currently serving out an eight-year jail sentence for shooting another woman during an argument after they both attended a mutual friend's birthday party.

Remy said she's been working on an appeal, and in the process, she's been studying at the facility's education center. She's said she's a few credits shy of earning her associate's degree.

The rapper also said Papoose visits her frequently, although she admitted the trips aren't daily, as they were when she was first incarcerated. She said the visits occur every six weeks.

The two even have plans to expand their family soon, she said; she already has a son from a previous relationship. Remy noted Pap was ready to have a child now, however, Remy said she wants to get back to her normal life before she begins thinking about family additions.

"I wanna go shopping [first]," she said. "They just confiscated a pair of Ugg boots [I had]. It's so much not like my life. I really miss recording. It's so much of a burden the way I would have to go through. ... I'm used to having a studio at my house and recording. It's not just what I did for a living, but it's what I did because I loved it."