Snoop Dogg And Kid Cudi Collaborate On 'That Tree'

'I did some more work on it and that's why it's just coming out now,' producer Diplo says of track.

Snoop Dogg just released his Malice N Wonderland album late last year, but that's not stopping the West Coast MC from teaming up with Kid Cudi and hipster producer Diplo for his new single "That Tree" for his follow-up LP More Malice. The album is slated to hit shelves on March 23.

The track is a trippy mix of descending drum rolls as Snoop comically rhymes "groupies on my head like a kufi" until Kid Cudi's voice begins the melodious hook.

"Everything I'm having no it ain't necessity/ Though I'm shining, keep on grinding/ What you see ain't all of me," Cudi sings over organs.

As enjoyable as the song is, Diplo, the cut's producer (who has also worked with M.I.A. and Santigold), had no idea the two rappers were even recording the track.

"I've known Snoop's manager Ted Chung for a while and I actually met Snoop through the Swedish singer Robyn at the Grammys last year," Diplo recalled. "We exchanged information because he'd heard of me and I kept in touch. When Ted came around asking for beats, I didn't have any so I gave him some small loops and Ted actually just looped the loops over again."

Diplo never heard anything more about the beats until late one night during another recording session with Kid Cudi.

"Cudi was like, 'I just did a track with Snoop over your beat.' And I was like, 'What are you talking about?' " Diplo told MTV News. "I had no idea that Ted had taken the small loops and they'd rapped on it, so Ted eventually sent me back a vocal and I kind of constructed a track around that."

Unfortunately, "That Tree" did not make the track listing for Malice N Wonderland.

"It didn't make that album because of deadlines and it wasn't in the right shape," Diplo said. "But they liked the track and really wanted to use it, so I did some more work on it and that's why it's just coming out now."