Waka Flocka Flame 'Ain't Worried' About Who Shot Him

MC says he isn't concerned about self-proclaimed gunman who posted photo of himself online with Waka's stolen chain.

Last week, a man claiming to have shot Waka Flocka Flame last month in Atlanta sent his photo to KarenCivil.com, holding Flocka's stolen diamond Brick Squad chain. Obviously, self-incrimination took a back seat to attaining two minutes of fame for the self-proclaimed assailant.

Although he's said the shooting was an attempt on his life, Flocka said he isn't concerned with who the gunman might be. During a visit to New York on Tuesday (February 23), Flocka said he's moving on from the shooting.

"I don't know [if it was actually the gunman] 'cause I didn't even see who shot me," Flocka responded sarcastically when asked about his thoughts on the photo. "I thought a dog shot me. I thought a bird shot me. It's stupid."

Flocka was sporting a brand-new Brick Squad chain Tuesday. This one had green diamonds and looked a lot flashier than the one he lost.

"This is round two," he said about his new chain. "Round one is gonna pop up in my mailbox like, 'Hey, man — here.'

"I ain't worried about you. I appreciate you too," Flame addressed the gunman, looking directly into MTV News' camera. "You got me sacked up real big. I got a stupid house off you, cars off you. I appreciate you, man."

When asked why he thought someone would incriminate himself further by putting a picture online, Flocka said he doesn't know or care.

"That's on them folks. Let them folks do they job," he said. "It is what it is. Y'all done said enough. I did enough. What, I'mma keep flippin' the story? I don't know, bruh. Let them live their life, I'mma live my life. That's right there [behind me]. They sitting right there. They probably not even sitting this close. I'm giving them too much. I ain't even worried about them. That's so behind me right now."

Flocka's "O Let's Do It" and its official remix continue to be hot singles, and he said he's going to let the streets pick his next single and isn't too focused on making an album at the moment. He's content with dropping mixtapes. Waka and Roscoe Dash (of "All The Way Turnt Up" fame) are releasing a street project of duets called Ten Toes Down. Waka also has two solo mixtapes, LeBron Flocka James 2 and Keith Waka Sweat.

"For these girls," he explained about why he's putting out the latter. "I got too much girl fans — 70 percent of my shows be girls — so I gotta give them some music."

Since being released from the hospital earlier this month, Flocka Flame is just now feeling up to moving around. Besides his gunshot wounds, he had blood clots in his right leg and arm.

"I feels good, bro. It feels real different," he said about being mobile. "It feels like the old me died. I promise to God. I don't even have a normal life no more. I'm learning this new lifestyle. I'm just eating what they feed me. In this business, this attitude and anger — you gotta throw that to the side. Your pride, you gotta tuck that in. You go with the flow. But you don't bend over backwards for nobody. To each his own, you gotta really count your moves and what you say in this game."

Waka's first show since the shooting was last week in St. Louis.

"That thing was turnt up!" Flame boasted of the show. "I'mma keep it gangsta, I was nervous. I was like, 'Are they gonna mess with me? They gonna throw bottles?' But it was crazy. I jumped in the crowd, I walked around in the club. I was in the Lou, turnt up."