Soulja Boy Tell'em Drops '2 Milli' Teaser Video

Futuristic clip features a 30-second snippet of the DeAndre Way song.

After shooting a video for Roscoe Dash's "All the Way Turnt Up" remix recently in Atlanta, [artist id="2814953"]Soulja Boy Tell'em[/artist] has leaked a teaser clip for his track "2 Milli," from the forthcoming album The DeAndre Way.

"My album is complete, but I record every day just to do it," Soulja said. "I been had my single; I just leaked a lot of songs that people liked just as much as [a single. This] time, I'm going to do it right, so this time, when I drop the song, there's going to be a visual and it's going to be money."

The 30-second "2 Milli" clip opens with a shot of a space ship-like elevator, and the screen widens and trails down a long metallic hallway while sparks fall from the ceiling.

"I always knew one day I would become the best rapper," Soulja Boy boasts in the clip. "I just want to thank all my fans. I dedicate this to you. I call it '2 Milli.' "

As Soulja Boy begins rhyming, the elevator takes him up the side of a computer-generated skyscraper and into a futuristic cave, where he plays with the floating windows of a touch-screen computer before the clip fades out.

"I did what I wanted/ N---as did what they could/ A lion wouldn't cheat, but a Tiger would," he raps. "I only keep real n---as in my stable/ A million-dollar chain, I'm feeling like Gucci's label/ So icy, I really don't care/ Haters green as a pool table, and they're twice as square/ Had to cut a couple bi---es/ Them n---as need stitches."

The DeAndre Way is slated for later this year. The young MC recently inked a record deal for his Stacks on Deck Entertainment with Universal Motown Records, home to Lil Wayne, and label head Sylvia Rhone.

"Sylvia Rhone really believes in my imprint," Soulja Boy told MTV News. "Anybody that I truthfully believe in and work on, I believe that they could be bigger than me and definitely be a superstar."