'Cop Out' Cast Say Working With Bruce Willis Is 'Awesome'

'I'm just overjoyed,' Tracy Morgan says at comedy's New York premiere.

As if anyone needs confirmation that working with Hollywood legend Bruce Willis is awesome, his "Cop Out" co-stars are spreading the word. And having the chance to work with him on the Kevin Smith-directed flick, which opens this weekend, was a dream come true.

"It was awesome. I don't have the words," Tracy Morgan, who co-stars as Willis' partner, Paul Hodges, in the flick, told MTV News on the red carpet at the New York City premiere. "I mean, can you imagine? This is Bruce Willis. Just getting the opportunity to work with him ... I would have done one scene with him, let alone I got to do a whole movie with Bruce Willis. 'Die Hard' franchise and all that stuff. I'm just overjoyed."

Adam Brody, who also plays a police officer in the comedy, said he's always wanted to be in a cop movie. "Yeah, actually, I did [want to be a cop when I was a kid]. I don't think I'm a violent person, but guns always seemed like a cool prop," he explained. But would he want to be arrested by Willis and Morgan? "No! I'd be intimidated [by them] because Bruce is a heavy and then who knows what Tracy's gonna do."

Michelle Trachtenberg, who plays Willis' daughter in the cop comedy, loved having the chance to improvise with the icon. "I've known Kevin [Smith] for years. He's so awesome and extraordinary. He let me, Bruce and I, improv a bunch of our stuff, and it was a lot of fun," the "Gossip Girl" star said. "Bruce is great. It was fun playing his daughter 'cause I know his daughters, so it was an interesting mix."

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