Kristen Stewart Thanks 'Amazing' Fans For Supporting Non-'Twilight' Films

'That's awesome that 'Twilight' has given my other little movies a hand,' actress says of other roles.

BEVERLY HILLS, California — Under normal circumstances, you would not be able to see "The Yellow Handkerchief" in theaters this weekend. You'd similarly have not been able to see "Little Ashes" or "The Cake Eaters" theatrically, and most likely need some serious hunting skills to track them down on DVD. But in a world where the media is quick to look down on Twilighters, perhaps it's time to give the fanbase some credit.

On Friday (February 26), Kristen Stewart will appear in "The Yellow Handkerchief" at a limited number of theaters across the country, with hopes for wider release. It's a small-budget film that was shot with no major stars, no studio behind it, and a script that wasn't a remake, sequel or toy tie-in. All these things, under normal circumstances, would spell certain death (or straight-to-DVD, which is just as bad) for a movie.

As fans know, the movie was shot in 2007 and premiered at Sundance in January 2008. But, because of those fans, two things have happened since: Stewart has become a massive star, and "Handkerchief" has hung in there long enough to earn a release. So when we caught up with KStew recently, we had to ask: What does it mean to have a fanbase that would follow a tiny film so intently that it would get the film released theatrically?

"I mean, that's amazing," the actress said, searching for words to express her gratitude. It's an occurrence that doesn't always happen, and KStew still isn't convinced that her fanbase would support any non-"Twilight" film.

"Who knows if that's true across the board?" she explained of "Twilight" fans clamoring to see tiny films like Robert Pattinson's "Ashes" and "How to Be," or her own "Cake Eaters."

Still, it has undeniably helped, and KStew is appreciative of the blockbuster-embracing fanbase also giving love to the stars' tiny films. "That's awesome that 'Twilight' has given my other little movies a hand," the 19-year-old actress explained. "Because I am really proud of them."

The bottom line, thankfully, is that "Handkerchief" is a film that deserves to be seen — an intimate, moving love story about an ex-con (William Hurt) trying to reconnect with his former flame (Maria Bello) and a young man (Eddie Redmayne) pursuing an unpredictable teen girl (Stewart). And at the end of the day, Stewart insisted, that's what moviemaking should be about.

"I like them, and why [wouldn't they get a release]?" Kristen explained. "People should see them."

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