Lil Wayne Opens Twitter Account, Shouts Out Justin Bieber

MC also shows off his dental work, shouts out Taylor Swift, Bon Jovi in Ustream session.

Next Tuesday, [artist id="510062"]Lil Wayne[/artist] is all but certain to begin his one-year jail sentence on weapons charges, after his expected sentencing was delayed by dental surgery. But Wayne is making sure he's heard before then, by opening a new Twitter account — under the name LilTunechi — and having another marathon Ustream session Sunday night on Young Money artist Lil Twist's site.

During the stream, Wayne talked briefly about his surgery, revealing his new pearly whites (and golds) and the removal of his lower diamond-studded grills.

"Yeah, I got the bottom grill out for right now" said Wayne. "That's why I'm not showing y'all too much."

The MC also said he plans to hit his new Twitter account hard before he goes away. At press time there were just a handful of tweets, but he'd only been at it for 14 hours.

"How do I follow somebody?" Wayne asks Lil Twist in the Ustream video, moments after rejoining Twitter. "Somebody ask me to hit them up."

"Y'all even seeing Wayne go through the whole Twitter process!" Twist jokes. "He don't know what he's doing."

"I don't know what I'm doing!" Wayne agrees. "I was born in the '80s. This sh-- wasn't out then."

In his first tweet, Wayne wrote: "I'm super new to this twitter sh-- but wudup tho !..........follow me biot¢h..........wudup mak......happy bday LO......8 days of freedom..ym."

Within moments, however, artists like Trey Songz were among the thousands of users who were asking for Weezy to follow them. And, like he toppled the competition in the rap game, Wayne said he's looking to claim the title as the all-time Twitter king.

"I need more followers. I'm trying to catch Ashton Kutcher. I heard he's the Mr. Twitter."

Later in Wayne's Ustream session, he shouts out "my n---a Justin Bieber," Bon Jovi and Taylor Swift.

Of course, Wayne has been recording at a frantic pace before his jail term begins, and he talked briefly about a new tracks during the Ustream session — one he said will be on Tha Carter IV.

"Me and Twist did a song last night, ladies, for Tha Carter IV album," Wayne revealed. "When I tell you it's crazy — man! Man!"

Wayne then went on to reveal some of the lyrics from the unnamed track.

"She a monster, but I'm a beast, though/ Take her clothes off, with my teeth, though."

Expect to hear much more from Wayne before next Tuesday!