Adam Lambert, Kim Kardashian, Others Share Their Fashion Mistakes

'I was so matchy-matchy,' Kardashian tells us at New York Fashion Week.

When it comes to fashion, no one gets it right all the time — sometimes even the most stylish people make mistakes.

For instance, "Keeping up With the Kardashians" star and fashion designer Kim Kardashian regrets ever taking to heart the outdated rule that you must be coordinated head to toe. "I was so matchy-matchy," she told MTV News. "I probably regret wearing this turquoise sweater with these turquoise flowers in my hair and turquoise eye shadow."

And while Kardashian was embracing lots of (the same) color, Kelly Osbourne was embracing goth-pale chic. "For some reason I kept pasting my face even whiter, and I had this black eyeliner and this green dress," she said. "Every time I see the picture, I'm like, 'Ewww.' "

Estelle told us she hoped that photographic evidence of one particularly hated look no longer exists and that she is still, after all this time, unhappy with the friend who convinced her she looked good in the ensemble. "I had this pair of cow-patch leggings," she recalled. "I remember wearing them with orange pumps — orange high heels. It was horrible."

And while high school graduation is a day of celebration, Adam Lambert just wishes he could forget about the whole thing. "[A] graduation video that's floating around of me in that horrible red cap flapping in the breeze, my fat face singing that Boyz II Men song and my voice cracking at the end — I could do without that," he joked.