'American Idol' Castoff Angela Martin Gets Big Surprise From Ellen DeGeneres

DeGeneres surprises Martin by promising her a Kara DioGuardi song, aims for label deal.

"American Idol" contestant Angela Martin may have lost the competition, but her resilience earned her a helping hand from talk show host and fourth "Idol" judge Ellen DeGeneres on Friday (February 19).

Martin made it to the Hollywood round of the show, but wasn't selected to continue on to the final competition.

"I was preparing myself to be strong and talk to you guys, but then I saw the pictures of my daughter and I just fell apart," Martin, 28, told DeGeneres. "Like, if I fail, how am I gonna tell her Mommy didn't make it?"

However, after her dismissal, DeGeneres invited the young mother, whose daughter is 10, to appear and perform on her talk show. Martin sang a rendition of [artist id="503203"]Alicia Keys[/artist]' "Superwoman" with musical accompaniment by "American Idol" pianist and background musician [artist id="1509401"]Michael Orland[/artist] and received a standing ovation from the audience.

"Everybody knows your name now," said DeGeneres. "Everybody is on your side. People are calling me going, 'What happened? She was amazing!' " (MTV News' "American Idol" expert Jim Cantiello feels the same way.)

For that reason, DeGeneres recruited the talent of "Idol" judge and hit songwriter Kara DioGuardi to surprise the vocalist.

"I have a little surprise for you: Kara DioGuardi is going to write you a song," DeGeneres told a surprised Martin. "You're going in a studio. She's going to produce a song for you and we're gonna get you a record label [deal]!! See how things turn out?"

While today was a dream come true for the Chicago native, life has not always been so kind. During her first audition, the singer's father was murdered by her stepmother and her daughter suffers from Rett Syndrome, which causes seizures. Finally, her mother, Viola Brown Martin, has been missing since December 26. Still, Martin is upbeat and says she relies on prayer to raise her spirits.

"You have had your share of really bad luck and some sad things happening in your life, but your attitude is so amazing because you keep getting back up," DeGeneres told Martin. "You represent something to a lot of people out there. They're going to look at you and say 'if she can do it I can do it.' You don't let anything get you down, I love that about you. Don't ever give up! Never!"

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