Simon Cowell Says Perez Hilton Could Replace Him On 'American Idol'

'Perez would be funny,' Simon Cowell says of having the celebrity blogger replace him.

Perez Hilton is pretty sure that he could replace Simon Cowell as a judge on "American Idol" — and it seems that the feeling is mutual. Cowell may not have much to say about Howard Stern replacing him, but he's got Perez's back in his campaign to take his spot at the judges' table on the show.

"Perez would be funny," Cowell told reporters on Thursday, according to USA Today. "He's got good taste in music, he's got a personality, that could work."

Although he didn't say if she would make for a good judge on the show, he added that he'd like to get the one and only Lady Gaga, who performed on the show last season, to stop by as a mentor to the contestants. "She is the most relevant pop artist in the world right now," he explained. "And she's very smart. I like her."

Last month, Perez sat down with MTV News where he made his intentions to take over for Cowell very, very clear. And considering that he's already got a boy-band search underway with Simon Fuller, he certainly has an in with the show.

"I think that Simon Cowell leaving 'American Idol' is amazing, because those are two potential jobs that I may have in the future," Perez said. "If they're looking for a new judge on 'American Idol,' I am available. I haven't asked Simon Fuller, who created the show, but maybe I should.

"I'd be a great judge!" he added. "But I'd also happily be a judge along with Simon Cowell on his U.S. version of 'X Factor.' Basically, I'm shamelessly looking for work. I'm available. And I'm cheap!"

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