LMFAO's Sky Blu Was Other Man In Mitt Romney's Plane Fight

Party rocker says the former Massachusetts governor started the scuffle.

To date, the only party the members of [artist id="3132138"]LMFAO[/artist] appear to support is the one that starts with shots and ends with being passed out on the floor in a heap of spandex neon tights and bikini tops. But group member Sky Blu made news on Monday for getting into a scuffle with former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

When news first broke that Romney had gotten in a fight on a plane, the identity of the other man wasn't revealed. On Thursday, however, TMZ reported that it was none other than Sky (born Skyler Gordy), half of the "Party Rock" duo. According to the site, Blu claims that despite initial reports that he became "physically violent" first after Romney asked him to put his seat up, it was the former Massachusetts governor who started things.

After hanging with MTV News' Sway in Vancouver at the Winter Olympics over the weekend, LMFAO boarded a flight to Los Angeles. And according to Blu's account of the incident in a video posted on TMZ, he was tired, put his new "Party Rock" jacket over his face and leaned his coach seat back while the plane was still on the ground. That's when Romney began yelling at him to put the seat upright.

"I'm trying to just adjust myself so I can go to sleep," Blu said. "I just hear this guy, he's, 'Sir, sir, put your seat up!' I thought it was a flight attendant at first ... and he says again, 'Sir, put your seat up!' A little louder and more angry towards me."

If Romney had asked nicely, Blu said he might have put his seat up, but since he was so rude ... Well, next thing you know, Blu said Romney reached out and put his hand on his shoulder and asked him again to put his seat up. Blu said he knocked Romney's hand away, thinking nothing of it. "His wife screams. ... They're getting loud, so then the flight attendant comes over, and I try to get louder than them to plead my case. 'No, the man assaulted me! I was protecting myself!' I might have thrown a few cuss words in there."

In the video, air marshals are seen escorting Blu off the plane. He said they diffused the situation and though the police detained him for a minute, he was not arrested but given a ticket for the next flight out.

"I have no hard feelings toward him," Blu said. "I'm sure he's a good dude."

And while Blu, an avowed Democrat, said he would not vote for Romney, he admitted he might get a drink with the Mormon politician ... if he drinks.

Spokespeople for LMFAO and Romney could not be reached for comment at press time.