Jermaine Dupri Says New Janet Jackson Song Is 'A Good Record'

'Y'all haven't heard her sound like this in a long time,' producer says of Jackson's tune for the 'Why Did I Get Married Too?' soundtrack.

Jermaine Dupri recently told MTV News he had produced a new Janet Jackson song for the upcoming Tyler Perry film in which the singer also stars, "Why Did I Get Married Too?"

According to the So So Def boss, the track is slated to be the first single from the movie's soundtrack — the film is scheduled to arrive in theaters April 2.

"I watched the movie with [Jackson and Perry] and it's incredible," Dupri said. "I'm not married but married people go through what I seen in this movie. I think Tyler hit it on the head again. But the song is perfect for the movie and it's a good record."

The producer was tight-lipped about the track, only revealing that the title was "Nothing." He promised, however, that the song will showcase a Jackson that fans haven't seen in a while.

"I can say this — y'all haven't heard her sound like this in a long time," he teased.

Jackson is currently working on her next album, one that Rodney Jerkins told MTV News would be more emotional that her past efforts.

"You gotta understand, she lost her brother," Jerkins said. "She was in a relationship for seven years [with Jermaine Dupri] that's over now. There's things that she told me that I didn't even realize. You know, certain [things] like self-esteem that I didn't even realize that she dealt with for years that, you know. ... She's working on her book and she'll deal with that in her book, but also in songs, certain songs we're dealing with that head on. And sometimes it can be a touchy subject for us to even go into, and I kinda had to persuade her, 'Let's just go, let's talk about that.' And she's been doing it, and she's a pro about it."

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