Kristen Stewart Addresses 'Breaking Dawn' 3-D Rumors

Actress says she doesn't want to give birth onscreen, 'Avatar'-style.

With "Avatar" riding high at the box office and everything from "Clash of the Titans" to "Alice in Wonderland" to the next "Spider-Man" film set on entering the third dimension, it seems like every blockbuster worth its salt is going 3-D. Now, the "Twilight Saga" fanbase is beginning to buzz with discussion over whether its eagerly anticipated final chapter, "Breaking Dawn," should similarly leap off the screen. On Thursday (February 18), we caught up with Kristen Stewart — and she was quick to insist that she'd only do 3-D with certain limitations.

"I don't know," the 19-year-old superstar said with a laugh when told about the online movement to film "Breaking Dawn" with the same 3-D technology that made "Avatar" such an event. "I think that would be crazy!

"Maybe selectively, maybe," Stewart added cryptically. "Maybe certain scenes."

Of course, any Twilighter worth their Edward Cullen body pillow knows that in the final book of the saga, Stewart's Bella gives birth. Let's just say it's a very vivid, very messy sequence, and one that Stewart told us she would definitely not want to shoot in 3-D.

"No, I don't think that should be [in 3-D]," she laughed, admitting that the birth scene was among the moments she was suggesting should be "selectively" shot in normal 2-D. "Also, you don't want Renesmee to be scary. You don't want her to fly into your face."

A half-human, half-vampire hybrid daughter of Edward and Bella, baby Renesmee's depiction will undoubtedly be the most difficult "Breaking Dawn" element to depict onscreen. Stewart insisted that a 3-D Renesmee could be scary in all the wrong senses. And can anyone blame the woman for not wanting to give birth in 3-D?

"I think 'Breaking Dawn' should just be a normal movie," Stewart said after considering the possibilities. "But who knows?"

Kristen's latest film is the sweet tearjerker "The Yellow Handkerchief," due out on February 26 in select cities. She expects to shoot the final "Twilight" movie "maybe in November, I think," and joked that her stance against 3-D will almost inevitably come back to bite her.

"Watch, it's going to end up being a 3-D movie, and [I'll have to say,] 'No, it's a great idea!' " Stewart grinned. "So, it's a great idea."

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