Chris Golightly Fought To Keep His 'American Idol' Top 24 Spot

By the time he was released from another contract, his replacement had already been notified, according to online reports.

After Fox announced that Chris Golightly had been disqualified from the "American Idol" top 24, a lot of different stories began circulating around the Web about what really went down.

Well, some new reports have emerged about the messy situation. Lawrence Franklin, Golightly's manager, said the singer was still under contract with his label. In fact, Golightly signed a new two-year contract with Dream Projects Entertainment in May 2009.

"We asked them for release documents, and they were supposed to send them over last Friday," Franklin told USA Today. "We were prepared to give our own release documents, but after waiting on the attorneys from 19 to send over their paperwork, time kind of ran out for Chris."

While there is now another side to this season's requisite semifinal controversy, Franklin and Golightly claim "American Idol" execs are the ones going back on their word. "They did advise Chris that as long as we released him, he'd be fine," Franklin said. "They told him that last Friday. And we were prepared then, that night, at any time, to release him."

"American Idol" does not allow contestants to compete on the show if they are currently under a recording contract. Whether Golightly could be released from his current contract, as Franklin claimed producers were working with him to do, is just another curious piece to this he said/ they said story.

According to USA Today, Gary Gilbert, an attorney for Manatt, Phelps & Phillips LLP, contacted Franklin via e-mail last week, informing him the release of Golightly from his existing contract would not get him back on "American Idol."

"Although we do not have a copy of the complete contract, on the face of what we have there seems to be a current recording agreement," Stinson wrote to Franklin on February 11."If the contract exists, there will be no option other than to disqualify Chris."

Golightly alleged that the mix-up had been corrected after Franklin contacted 19 Entertainment and proved he had not been with Dream Records Entertainment since June 2009, but it was too late to bring him back into the competition because his replacement, Tim Urban, had already been notified.

"This is not fair. I don't know what to do," Golightly told USA Today early Thursday morning (February 18).

Since the top 24 was revealed on Wednesday night's show, Golightly has spoken with numerous blogs and media outlets about his disqualification. Within a few hours after the show aired, Golightly told JoesPlaceBlog he had been under contract with the boy band D.R.E.A.M. 5 until June, and the debacle concerning his release document is what led to his "Idol" exit.

Golightly, an orphan who sold his car and broke his apartment lease after discovering he made this year's top 24, was already an early fan favorite — both for his heartfelt vocals and heart-wrenching backstory.

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