Justin Timberlake Shows Off 'Wearable' William Rast Designs At Fashion Week

'This is like the Super Bowl of fashion, so we're happy to be on the field,' singer/designer says.

NEW YORK — [artist id="1231683"]Justin Timberlake[/artist] has proven over the years that if he wants to do something he'll do it, and usually with great success, whether it's being a pop star, a producer, a comic actor, a golf-course owner or a fashion designer.

Timberlake and partner Trace Ayala have designed a new season's worth of leather goods, jeans and vests for their William Rast clothing line. The duo showed off their latest collection at Cedar Lake on Wednesday, during one of the last nights of New York Fashion Week.

The show, Timberlake's lady love Jessica Biel and other friends and family, included the brand's signature denim looks while proving that as they mature as designers, both Timberlake and Ayala want their look to mature as well. "It's the pinnacle [to show at fashion week]," Timberlake told MTV News before his clothes hit the runway. "It's what you strive to be able to do. This is like the Super Bowl of fashion, so we're happy to be on the field."

While Ayala noted that he loves the waxed denim in the collection, Timberlake found it a bit harder to peg down his favorite piece in the line. "I don't know. There's so many pieces I love. I'm excited about the footwear," he said. "Some of our leathers are great. Some of the tweed is great. Some of the sweaters are great."

Timberlake is most proud of the fact that unlike more couture-based shows, everything you see come down the catwalk is something that someone can wear. "I think the thing were most happy about is that so many runways shows you go to and you go, 'That was an amazing piece, what an art piece,' " he explained. "But then it's like, you'll never see that ever again. What we we're able to do was, although, we had a huge idea — which was the Midwest and nomadic discoverer meets biker culture — I think we were able to really focus on being consumer based."

At the end of the day, Timberlake knows that people want to look stylish without spending their life savings. "And thinking about the consumer in this financial weather ... that's been weighing heavily on our minds," he said. "A lot of what you see on the runway will be very wearable, so that's what I think we're really excited about."