Black Eyed Peas Debut Futuristic 'Imma Be Rocking That Body' Video Online

'This is what's gonna take the Peas into 3008,' Will.I.Am tells his bandmates in the 10-minute piece.

The [artist id="30064"]Black Eyed Peas[/artist]' Will.I.Am has been promising bigger things lately from his four-person collective, and it's safe to say the eccentric producer has been delivering every time. From their standout Grammy performance, which the BEP frontman predicted would be a spectacle, to their world tour, which is set to include "things flying and the stage transforming," it doesn't look like the group will be slowing down anytime soon.

On Wednesday, the record-breaking hip-hop act premiered their latest video, an epic clip for their new singles "Imma Be" and "Rock That Body," online. The 10-minute video, "Imma Be Rocking That Body," was directed by Rich Lee and features the Peas on a mission to jumpstart the party in the year 3008.

The visuals open with Will.I.Am showing his bandmates the product inside a steel briefcase that he has next to him. The contents of the case comprise a technology that can capture his vocals and reproduce them singing or rapping at the touch of a button.

"This right here is the future," he tells Fergie, and Taboo. "This is what's gonna take the Peas into 3008."

Fergie, though, is happy with where the group is in 2010. After scoring their first two #1 hits last year, who can blame her? So she storms off in a huff leaving the fellas in Will's studio.

What follows next is an "X-Men" meets "The Matrix"-like adventure. Fergie mysteriously wakes up after pulling away from the guys on her motorcycle only to find herself transported into the future. She later reconnects with Will, and the two of them flee in a hover-car from a gigantic robot who, presumably, wants to stop the party. A big no-no for the Peas.

Halfway through the clip, "Imma Be" transitions into the even more upbeat "Rock That Body" and the tables turn. Fergie is kidnapped and the rest of the Peas are now in hot pursuit of their First Lady. The guys ultimately get their girl, blasting away at bystanders along the way who start breakin' after being struck by the rays.

In the end, however, the evil robot can't compete with the Peas' partying. It loses a dance-off and tumbles to the ground. So the groove wins. And Fergie, who was previously resistant to Will's forward thinking ("You can't call yourself futuristic and be afraid of the future," he said earlier in the clip), then awakens only to discover she crashed just blocks away from the studio. With the group surrounding her, a smile crosses her face as she responds to their assistance.

"I got the greatest idea for a video ...," Fergie tells her confused band mates.

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