Kim Kardashian Says Sisters 'Ditched' Their Fashion Week Debut

As Kardashians by Bebe hits the runway in New York, Kim says she was 'fully involved' in its creation.

NEW YORK — While Kim Kardashian eagerly braved the snow on Tuesday (February 16) to debut the Kardashians by Bebe collection at New York Fashion Week, sisters Kourtney and Khloé couldn't make it out to support their joint venture.

"I'm so excited to be here. I mean, it's backstage at my first fashion show. I wish my sisters were here. They ditched me on this one," joked Kim, clad in a Kardashians by Bebe hooded dress, as she spoke to MTV News only moments before the collection hit the catwalk. "I actually thought they were going to be here. I'm excited to represent. I'm wearing an outfit from our line. I think we just wanted stuff that was sexy and edgy and represented me Kourt and Khloé."

To anyone who may not believe the Kardashian sisters played an active role in designing the collection — which includes lots of leather, leggings and rompers — Kim insists that she was there from beginning to end in its creation. "We were fully involved. Anything that we do, we make sure we're so hands-on that we're really in the middle," she explained. "We want to approve everything and design everything. We wanted our fabrics to be forgiving and comfortable sexy and show off curves but still be comfortable."

And with her first collection's runway debut behind her, Kim said she's already plotting the future of the line. "We're designing for five seasons. We already designed for next season, and we're looking at the next season for fall," she said, hinting that one day you may see a Kardashian fashion line minus the Bebe label. "I love designing. This has definitely woken up this part in me that I didn't know was there. You never know what's in the future."