John Mayer Playboy Interview Fuels More Debate

Some commenters are still angry, while others say it's much ado about nothing.

Last week, singer/songwriter John Mayer made some controversial statements in his now-infamous Playboy interview, dishing personal details about his past relationships and using the N-word. The public's reaction was immediate, with some decrying his comments and others saying John was just being John.

Mayer has since apologized, via Twitter and onstage, but many of you have continued to sound off about the interview. So we grabbed a few of our favorites, lightly edited for grammar and content, and please note that the opinions expressed therein are those of the commenters, not MTV News. But don't think the debate has to end here. If you want to have your voice heard, sound off in the comments below, because the discussion isn't over.

And now, we turn the floor over to you:

"Goodness, so much hate out there on the Internet. John Mayer is not racist in my opinion. He's trying to handle his own public relations, and he stumbled a little bit. He made his apology, that's all he can do. Does the public want blood too? What about forgiveness?" — Barkthedog

"What a disappointment. I really liked his music, even though his last album was a letdown and rather weak compared to his earlier work. Unfortunately, I am not surprised that the fellow said something really ignorant. Having spent a great deal of time in the entertainment/music industry, I learned long ago that talent and brains were rarely found in the same person. John just exposed himself as another dumb singer/ songwriter/ guitar player. Disappointing, but not surprising. Time to sell some CDs." — zeppyled

"Mayer had me in the interview. It was V-E-R-Y. Then, when the 'hood pass comment came into play, I kinda shrugged. Maybe his peers are that accepting, playful and act that way with him. As I read on, 'Oh hell no' crossed my mind, and through to the end, I had to ask the question 'How could you?' Come on, John Mayer. As adults, our sexual perversions are our own. I don't fault John Mayer for flaunting those as a highlight of his life. I don't even care that this man doesn't date Meagan Good. I just hate that so many can excuse this John Mayer interview with a simple word: honest." — Vivian

"I don't believe John Mayer is racist. I understood his intent with those comments. However, he — as he admitted in his bid to save himself from his mouth — tries too hard to be clever, provocative and witty. Usually the people and topics he talks about are too insignificant for anybody to care, but this time people cared and now the foot that usually is in his mouth choked him." — Micdis

"Wow, as a black woman who 'was' a fan, I am completely shocked that you would be so heartless to mention white supremacy in referring to your lack of attraction to black women. If you indeed had a ' 'hood pass,' trust me, it has been revoked." — Nikki2006

"Geez, quite a few of you are simply morons. Bottom line: He is a human being, imperfect and allowed to be complex and say things that may or may not piss you off. He is also allowed to change his mind on day two if he wants or go in any new direction he wants: philosophically, spiritually, as well as musically. WE ALL DO. Personally, I find him refreshing. I am sooo sick of all these celebs who kiss the public's ass and are terrified to say something that may upset a toad living under a rock in deep Madagascar." — aspenAEROplane

"First and foremost, Mayer is no gentleman. A gentleman does not kiss and tell. You would think that the 'girls' that he's been with would see the red flags waving all over the place when they first meet him. (I wonder what Sinatra would say to Mayer if Frank was alive today, probably something like, 'Kid, be happy you're in the game and get the dames. Now shut your mouth up or I shut it for you!") This being said, it's obvious that Mayer has an inferiority complex. He wants, craves and thrives off of attention. The fact that he wired himself into the Internet so we know every time he takes a piss is silly, sad and illustrative of the fact that this man/boy has issues with himself in this world. What Mayer does not realize is that while he has what seems to be people (fans) hanging on his every word/tweet/whatever, 99 percent of them don't care. He makes himself look ridiculous even in the eyes of his youngest admirers. Mayer just doesn't realize this because he is insulated from the everyday routines of normal, productive people. (Excuse me, but living on the high end, writing songs and not caring about bills, work and all that is not a normal life.) I think that Mayer is self important." — PaulfromProvidence

"I loved his music, and he can date who he wants, but comparing his penis to David Duke is hard to get over. However, I think he meant what he said, and if that is the case (and it is), why apologize? He should man up and let the world know these are my true feelings and tell everyone to respect them instead of crying onstage." — Manuel

"I swear, two things people in America love to do is, 1) Call racist, and 2) Get offended when someone (a stranger) calls them the N-word when they don't mind that their friends call them it. In short, if you don't like the N-word, then don't EVER freaking use it. I don't use it and I don't like it. Plus, I don't consider myself the N-word, because I'm not ignorant. So him saying the word does not offend me." — Cleo

What do you think of the debate over John Mayer's Playboy interview? Are you surprised people are still talking about his comments? Let us know below!