'We Are The World: 25 For Haiti': Readers Weigh In

Readers seem split on remake's musical quality.

On Friday night, "We Are the World: 25 for Haiti," the remake of the classic 1985 benefit song, premiered during the opening ceremony of the 2010 Winter Olympics. The song, proceeds from which will go towards disaster relief in Haiti, features an even larger cast of musicians

than the star-studded original, with contemporary artists from Kanye West and Barbra Streisand to Pink and Lil Wayne joining in.

While there's certainly no criticizing the motivation for the remake, reaction to its musical quality has been mixed, with even Jay-Z calling the original version "untouchable" and saying he wished a new song had been written for the event instead: "It was a valiant effort, but for me, it's gonna be untouchable," he told MTV News on Saturday. Here's what some of our readers had to say:

"I thought the song was amazing and that's my opinion and I'm sticking to it. Everyone's dissecting the song for each little flaw and misstep. Look at it as a whole!" — peoplesrock78

"I have donated several times, but refuse to donate by purchasing a song that I think was awful. Good idea to remake the song, [but] it just sounded like a mishmash of bad singing. Do Haiti a favor and donate to the Red Cross, because they are the people who actually provide Haiti with help." — Cathy

"I would donate to Haiti, many times over before I bought this song. Horrible and terrible song, out of sync with the video and the producers made a point of not including anyone from the original. Why was Michael Jackson in the video? He is gone. You can stop adding him into everything." — peakway3

"All these negative comments. I feel like some people are missing the point. To me, this remake wasn't about trying to improve on the original version. It seemed to be more of a tribute to it. It was about these people, whether they could sing or not, contributing what they could. Singers sing, rappers rap, Wyclef did whatever it is he does. It's about very different people coming together and connecting through the majesty of song for a worthy cause, not winning a Grammy." — Rachael

Readers also weighed in on Jay-Z's comments.

"Jay-Z is absolutely RIGHT!!! He couldn't have said it better!!! They should have never remade that song. Certain songs are just not to be messed with. All Jay-Z is saying is what everybody was saying in their mind. He just put it in the open." — Asonye88

"It's for charity, it's for HAITI ... not for Jay-Z's satisfaction and I think all of the artists involved put their HEART on it. I know the original is the best but i know also Mike [Jackson] would be watching his song with a smile....XD." — Julius Cristina

"I agree as well, I think their heart was in the right place. As he already mentioned in the article, 'We Are the World' is untouchable. There will never be another like the original." — marcy 25

What do you think of "We Are the World: 25 for Haiti"? Do you like the new remake, or do you think a new song should have been written? Let us know in the comments below!