Lady Gaga Reveals More Looks From 'Telephone' Video

Photos from video, which features Beyoncé, show Gaga bedecked with telephones.

Good news for fans who've been wondering just what they can expect from [artist id="3061469"]Lady Gaga[/artist]'s seemingly epic "Telephone" music video featuring pop-star bestie Beyoncé: The ever-evolving pop star just released three new photos from the video on her Web site.

In one still from the video, Gaga is seen playing the part of a waitress, carrying plates while wearing a chef hat along with a telephone sculpted from hair and used as an eye patch. In another still, Gaga is decked out in an American flag bandanna and bikini. In the third, Gaga is seen giving someone some sass, wagging her finger and wearing a big hat made from a telephone.

Last week, Gaga's pals and Monster Ball Tour opening act Semi Precious Weapons revealed that they had a cameo in the video. But more importantly, they said that the chemistry between Bey and Gaga in the video was "magical."

"We do have a cameo in the 'Telephone' video, which was when we walked on set and there was Beyoncé and Lady Gaga, all at once. It was pretty magical," frontman Justin Tranter revealed. "Obviously, Gaga's one of the greatest music visionaries of our time, and Beyoncé is one of the greatest visions of our time. She is a music visionary too."

There are very few details of the video out there, although we know that part of it will take place at a diner and that at some point Beyoncé breaks Gaga out of jail. But Tranter noted that the video is very cinematic in its scope. "We die in [the video]," he said. "And I think that's probably all I'm allowed to tell. ... And, I think, what people have already talked about: It's very Tarantino-inspired, sort of like violent melodrama glamour."