Selena Gomez Will Serenade Fans At A Valentine's Day Show

'My fans will be my valentine,' she tells MTV News of her Sunday show in Philadelphia.

While many of her fans are wondering if she'll spend Valentine's Day with ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas, it seems that [artist id="3079282"]Selena Gomez[/artist] has no intention of making the Jonas Brother her valentine this year. Instead, she plans to profess her love to her fans.

Gomez caught up with MTV News on Friday (February 12) and revealed her plans for the most romantic day of the year: to serenade her fans with some of her favorite tunes. "I have a show in Philadelphia, so I'm kind of excited," she said. "My fans will be my valentine, which is fine by me. And I'm really happy. I'm actually glad people are coming to the show, 'cause it's Valentine's Day ... so hopefully I'll enjoy a good show with my fans."

While she didn't reveal too much about what fans can expect from the show on Sunday, she said her stage will definitely reflect the mood of the day. "We have a lot of confetti, and I made sure it was pink and silver and stuff that's very Valentine's Day-esque," she revealed. "But other than that, I think it's going to be an awesome show to be able to celebrate with my fans."

Gomez also shared some fond memories of a Valentine's Day spent with a special someone three years ago. "I went to Houston one year, and it was really cute. I was probably, like, 14, and I got to go out to dinner," she recalled. "We went to Spaghetti Warehouse, and it was really fun, and at 14, it was a big deal for me. Other than that, I haven't had too many great Valentine's Day memories."