Justin Bieber 'Remarkable' On 'We Are The World,' Director Says

'The quality of that voice is remarkable for a kid his age,' Paul Haggis says.

While the "We Are the World" shoot may have had some "chaos" here and there, the video's director, Paul Haggis, says that he was surprised less by the hectic nature of the shoot than by the incredible talent brought to the table by none other than Justin Bieber.

"I thought he was ... fascinating because he has a really good voice," Haggis told MTV News on Thursday when asked about having the pop superstar join the celebrity-filled ranks for the 25th anniversary recording of the classic charity tune. He jokingly added, "I gave him some advice that I thought he should start doing this professionally. The kid has a career, don't you think?"

All joking aside, Haggis said he was taken aback by how truly talented the 15-year-old is. "No, he was remarkable. This kid comes in that I don't really know. ... I knew the name, and he opened his mouth, and my god the quality of that voice is remarkable for a kid his age," the "Crash" director said. "And the presence he has and the confidence."

Haggis adds that it wasn't just Bieber whose vocal chops left an impression on him. "That was the great thing of working with these people," he said. "These are artists of the highest quality and caliber. When they're all coming together to sing this kind of song, you don't expect Lil Wayne to be singing like that, or Pink to be singing like that, or even Tony Bennett to be singing like that. So it was wonderful how people morphed together."