Lauren Conrad Tops New York Times Best-Seller List Again

Former 'Hills' star's second young-adult novel, Sweet Little Lies, makes it to #1 on Children's Chapter Books list.

It seems in Lauren Conrad's world, it's not just the lies that are sweet. Her second young-adult novel, Sweet Little Lies, released less than a year after her first, L.A. Candy, is the former "Hills" star's latest book to hit the top of the best-seller list.

Lies, which was published earlier this month, is #1 on the New York Times Children's Chapter Books list for the week of February 21.

In a statement to People, Conrad said that it feels good that her book is a success. "It's so gratifying for my second book to be so successful and it was so fun to write! The characters were already developed so I really enjoyed the process so much more this time around," she said. "All the characters have become like my friends now.

"I just sat in bed writing and it was the best process," she continued. "Who gets to work from home in their PJs? I'm just so thankful to my fans. Everyone is coming out to see me in the snow. I just can't believe it."

MTV News checked in with Conrad while she was in New York promoting the book, and she said that this time around her heroine, Jane, finds that her life is about to get a lot more complicated thanks to the pitfalls of fame. "I think that if fans take anything away from the book, [they should realize] there's a back side to every story," she explained. "And when you're reading tabloids and seeing these people's lives exposed, it does affect them and it is hard to go through as a young girl."

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