Ke$ha, Jennifer Garner Encourage Girls-Only Valentine's Day Plans

Mary J. Blige, meanwhile, offers up some holiday advice for the guys: 'Really love your woman.'

Jessica Alba recently offered up her dating tips for Valentine's Day, and there are plenty of other famous ladies willing to reveal the quickest way to their hearts and their big plans for the romantic holiday.

If you're single, "Valentine's Day" star Jennifer Garner (who is now married to Ben Affleck) has your back. "Girls should go together," she told MTV News about some alternative Valentine's Day plans for all the single ladies. "If you don't have a boyfriend, just grab your girlfriends and go. My best Valentine's Day, I took my friend, both of us were single, and said, 'Screw it, we're going to go have a romantic weekend.' We went to the wine country, we stayed in romantic bed-and-breakfasts, and we had wine tastings and great meals and massages. We were surrounded by couples in love, and we did not care."

Garner's "Valentine's Day" co-star Jessica Biel, herself one half of a celebrity powerhouse couple (along with beau Justin Timberlake), confessed that she doesn't have any specific plans for February 14. "I have to get my act together," she said. "I'm doing a last-minute crunch-time plan."

Ke$ha has a less positive outlook on the day. "Blah!" she said, reiterating Garner's girls-only plans. "Go out with your girlfriends. Blah — that's all I have to say about Valentine's Day. Happy Valentine's Day! Whatever!"

Mary J. Blige just wants guys to know that the day is all about showing and not just telling. "The only advice I have for the men is to really love your woman," she advised. "But by showing her. Give her what she needs."

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