Alexander McQueen’s Death Shocks Fashion Community

'His designs will be forever — not every designer has that,' one student says at New York's Fashion Week.

NEW YORK — While celebrities like Kelis and Kim Kardashian remember Alexander McQueen , who died on Thursday morning (February 11), the fashion community is also praising the iconic designer for his incredible sense of individuality in the design world.

Arielle Delfino, a writer for fashion magazines in Japan, spoke to MTV News from the Fashion Week tents at Bryant Park. “He’s had a great influence on all of the designers — all of his cutting-edge, ridiculous, amazing style — and he’s always over the top, but never too much,” she said. “And I think he’s also had a great influence on artists, bands, singers — he’s gonna be missed huge. When a huge designer like that goes away —who’s gonna follow up on McQueen?”

Danielle Frankel, a student at New York’s Parsons the New School for Design, admits that McQueen’s influence goes far beyond that of just celebrities — he also managed to inspire fashion students who look to emulate his funky style. “I don’t even know what to say — I, especially, can feel his influence because I’m in school,” she explained. “His avant-garde personality that you see in every element of his designs, of course, as students we try to emulate and try to take note. His designs will be forever — not every designer has that.”

Stylist Andre Benton said that once the shock passes, it will settle in that a great loss was suffered. “I was really shocked and taken aback,” he said. “He’s very influential. He sets trends. He has a big influence on the community as far as his designs. What’s missing now is a great designer. Everybody loves him. They know his clothes. I really love all of his stuff.”

James Ficid, a fashion assistant at Homme magazine, added, “It’s really tragic and it’s sad because most of the great ones … they’re so talented, but they have these tragic endings. He’s been so inspirational to so many. Look at Lady Gaga — she has pretty much worn everything that he’s made. He’s brilliant and he’s a genius. It’s unfortunate.”