Rihanna Shows Her True Colors In 'Rude Boy' Video

Video is a colorful romp in the world of pop art and Caribbean style by 'Hard' director Melina Matsoukas.

[artist id="1940303"]Rihanna[/artist]'s new video for "Rude Boy" is a colorful departure from the dark fare previously released from her Rated R album, like "Russian Roulette" and "Hard." In it, Rihanna writhes around in a kaleidoscope of prints and colors, embracing her roots in Caribbean dance-hall-inspired costumes.

The singer told Carson Daly on his Amp Radio show that the pop-art-inspired video was shot by Melina Matsoukas, who also worked with the pop star on her equally sexy "Hard" music video. In the new clip, she goofs around and gets sexy with a male extra, a zebra, a motorcycle and a stuffed lion in between whaling away on a drum kit.

The video, which premiered on PerezHilton.com on Wednesday night, appears artistically influenced Andy Warhol's pop-art vibe as well as Keith Haring, thanks to its funky graffiti room. Rihanna once again shows off her fashion sense in the video, with lots of tight-fitting hot pants, a gold catsuit paired with a long wig and another catsuit echoing the print in the Haringesque room.

Rihanna also manages to throw in a little humor when she sings the line "Babe, if I don't feel it, I ain't faking," giving an all-telling wink to the camera about the song's tongue-in-cheek lyrics.

"[It's] completely different from any other video I've shot before," she told Daly, describing it as "pretty freakin' cool."

"A lot of my videos are really dark and edgy and tough. 'Rude Boy' is more playing along the lines from my roots. We used a lot of color, but also the costumes were very Jamaican dance-hall-queen type," the singer said.

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