Where Are The 'American Idol' Coke Cups?

Fear not, 'Idol' fans: The Vitaminwater Zero cups are temporary; Coca-Cola will be back.

On "American Idol" Tuesday night, new judge Ellen DeGeneres wasn't the only change on the screen.

In a highly effective bit of product placement, the large Coca-Cola cups have been as much of a fixture on the show as Randy Jackson saying "Dawg!" But thousands of viewers did a double take on Tuesday night when they saw Jackson, Simon Cowell, Kara DioGuardi and DeGeneres sipping from orange-and-white Vitaminwater Zero cups. While the change isn't really that remarkable, it still felt oddly jarring to many viewers of the show. DioGuardi was even asked about the switch during a conference call with reporters on Wednesday (February 10).

"They were kind of colorful, different," she laughed about the new cups. "Everything's always changing on the show. I kind of just drink from the cup and assume there isn't poison in it."

Vitaminwater does belong to the Coca-Cola family, so it's not like there was a major sponsorship change, and a rep for the show told MTV News on Wednesday that the switch is just a temporary one.

"The Coca-Cola cups have been a staple on American Idol since 2002 and will not be gone for long," the rep said in a statement. "During the Hollywood Week episodes, Coca-Cola will share the mic with Vitaminwater Zero (a Coca Cola brand), but the Coke cups will return on the first live show on Tuesday, Feb. 23."

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