Lil Wayne Says Goodbye To Fans In Online Video Before He Goes To Jail

MC expected to begin his year-long jail sentence on Wednesday.

In the wee hours of Wednesday morning (February 9) [artist id="510062"]Lil Wayne[/artist] spent nearly an hour saying farewell to his fans in a live streaming video. He is expected to turn himself in on Wednesday afternoon in New York after his formal sentencing and begin his year-long jail term stemming from his July 2007 arrest on gun-possession charges. after a night of apparently recording in the studio, got on the Ustream page of Lil' Twist, an artist in his Young Money camp, and said goodbye.

"I'm out this bitch," Wayne said, sitting outside a Miami studio. "To all my fans, my real fans I really, really truly love you. I love you with all of me for real."

Most of the Ustream footage was shot inside the studio, however. It started off with Wayne taking a poll and jokingly asking the fans if he should consider a person a real friend if they missed his farewell party at Miami club Dolce Sunday night in Miami. He then tells the fans as they started to log on by the thousands to download at least one song from his just-released-but-long-delayed LP, Rebirth.

Denver Nuggets guard J.R. Smith (who spent 30 days in jail last year for a reckless-driving incident in which his friend was killed) briefly called in to say what's up.

"Why I be so close to the camera?" Wayne laughed, making fun of himself for putting his face near the Twist's laptop screen. "You could really tell I don't know nothing about the computer. ... I'm really like a old n---a."

Later, Wayne sends love to his hometown New Orleans Saints for their Super Bowl win.

"Shout out to all the Saints out there, Reggie Bush, [Marques] Colston, Drew Brees. The Dome Patrol, Rickey Jackson for being elected to the Hall of Fame this year. Pat Swilling ..."

For the entire broadcast, Wayne was very upbeat. He was his usual jovial self even when talking about his upcoming jail stint.

"For all the people that didn't know, this is the last time you gonna be seeing me live for a long muthaf---in' time. So watch: This is history."

Wayne also talked about his his work ethic, pointing to a pimple on his forehead, which he said was due to not getting any sex.

"You can tell I've been working hard. Sleeping alone. I've been sleeping with my clothes on."

Weezy then started to joke about his signature dreadlocks.

"My hair got bounce! That sh--'s nice, you feel me? That sh-- real nice," he said. "This is Lil Wayne, featuring my hair. And no, I did not have to cut my air off. That's a stupid rumor. Look at this beautiful sh--."

After playfully posing for the fans, Wayne once again talked about his tireless work schedule.

"Tonight's my last night. ... I came to the studio to get some work done. To all you artists out there, that should be a message or example. I came to work."

Shortly after, Fat Joe and his manager Macho walked in. They both hugged Wayne. Joe told Weezy that he loved him and asked him if he was gonna be OK. Within minutes, Drake called in on Wayne's cell phone. You couldn't hear Drizzy's words, but it was obvious that the Young Money franchise player wanted to make sure he let Wayne know how he felt.

"Nah, n---a, I love you. It's all love," Wayne said. "You know what I told you, hold that sh-- down."

As the Ustream came to an end, Wayne walked outside to start getting ready to go home.

"Thank you from the bottom of me," he said, sitting in his car before pulling away. "Do not forget about me 'cause I will forever think about you. I cannot wait for you to see me again."