Waka Flocka Flame 'Respected' All The 'O Let's Do It' Remixes

Official remix features Diddy, Rick Ross and Gucci Mane.

[artist id="3443335"]Waka Flocka Flame[/artist] has gotten love from people he never suspected. The 23 year-old Atlanta transplant has a record so hot, a slew of MCs have jumped on it and made unofficial remixes.

"They locked the CEO up, and I'm the CEO, f---!" Lil Wayne raps on his version of the song. "Prison in February, and I ain't in no rush."

On Ludacris' underground version, he rhymes with an automatic-weapon flow while giving props to his Conjure cognac and telling his competition they are so wack, they should hide. "Other rappers need to cover their face like Lady Gaga," he raps.

Flocka is behind everyone jumping on his beat.

"A couple of folk, man," Waka said about who he's heard on the track. "I was like, 'Man, that's what's up. That's the move.' I heard Trae [Tha Truth] from Huston on it; that was the move. I heard a lot of people on it. Rasheeda smashed it. Puff Daddy went ham! Rick Ross went ham! Gucci, that's my partna; I ain't even know he jumped on that. He went ham. That's like the only people I heard jump on it. They went crazy. I respected them for that. I got the official remix. Puff on there, Rick Ross and Gucci. I feel their verses were crazy. Puff went crazy!"

Diddy raps about his riches to start the remix, then continues stunting. "Pimpin' in my convo," Diddy rhymes. "Bi---es come in combos/ Pictures of Christopher on my wall all in my convo /I don't f--- with fake ho's/ All I touch is J.Lo's/ All I drink is my sh--/ Ciroc by the caseloads."

Waka recently caught up with MTV News from his home outside Atlanta to talk about his shooting last month.