Cobra Starship's Gabe Saporta Talks 'Hand-Gesture Tour' With 3OH!3

'We don't take ourselves that seriously,' he says of the similarities between the two bands.

When MTV News spoke to Cobra Starship magnate Gabe Saporta last week, he knew about his band's upcoming tour with [artist id="3068464"]3OH!3[/artist], he just wasn't allowed to talk about it yet.

It seems that even though 3OH!3's Nathan Motte tweeted Saporta about the jaunt, some of the finer points weren't exactly squared away. After some cajoling, Saporta agreed to talk about the tour, under the promise that we wouldn't run anything until the information was good and ready — and now it is. So here's what Saporta had to say about his band's hand-gesture-heavy spring tour with 3OH!3.

"Basically, they had no idea who to tour with. They were like, 'Listen, we have a hand gesture, you guys have a hand gesture, you might call it a gang sign, but we're not really in a gang, so why don't we combine forces and have a hand-gesture tour?' And we were like, 'Yeah, let's do it,' " Saporta laughed. "It had nothing to do with music, or the fact that we're both very tall bands, we're both very funny, good-looking, chiseled abs, stunning features — it's just about the [hand signs]. ... We're not actually going to be on the tour. It's just going to be hand puppets."

He's kidding, we think. And while both acts do share an affinity for the occasional manipulation of digits, there was another reason they agreed to hit the road together: Everyone involved is exceedingly tall.

"Nat is a huge dude. He's taller than [Cobra Starship guitarist] Ryland [Blackinton]," Saporta said. "I think it goes Nat, Ryland, me, [CS bassist Alex] Suarez and — wait, who's taller: [3OH3!'s] Sean [Foreman] or [CS keytarist] Victoria [Asher]? I guess it depends on Victoria's heels — so Sean, Victoria, [CS drummer] Nate [Novarro]. We'll definitely have a lot of basketball games on tour."

And it doesn't stop there. Also joining the tour is Gym Class Heroes frontman Travis McCoy — who, in addition to having a solo album in the works, also shatters the 6-foot mark. But, in all seriousness, height has nothing to do with it. Saporta said everyone involved in the tour shares similar ideals, including a love for mashing genres.

"The thing that brings us together is that, both of our bands, our first love is rock or punk rock, but we're also kids that grew up in this generation that listens to lots of different kinds of music," he said. "And I think we have the same kind of aesthetic of, like, not being afraid to blend it in, and also we don't take ourselves that seriously. We have fun with it. It's going to be a fun tour, man."