Taylor Swift Fans Rally In The Great Backlash Debate

Fearless fans put the haters on the defensive.

The Taylor Swift haters may have been out in force after MTV News published our "Why You Shouldn't Hate On Taylor Swift" article in response to what appears to be a budding backlash against the singer, but her fans rallied to her side on Wednesday (February 3). That's not to say there weren't negative comments in our article on the original round of comments, but the haters were on the defensive.

Below are some of the most interesting comments, lightly edited for grammar and content, and please note that the opinions expressed therein are those of the commenters, not MTV News. But don't think the debate has to end here. If you want to have your voice heard, sound off in the comments below. Let the debate go on!

And with that, we turn the floor over to you:

"Taylor is amazing and she does sing very well. I have seen her live three times and she has been awesome!!!! So she was a little off at the Grammys, but her Fearless CD DESERVED Album of the Year! It was the biggest-selling CD of 2009 and she was rewarded for that and her great songwriting!!!!!!!" (Flower)

"Um ... let me defend my case. People, go look at her 'SNL,' VMA, and CMA performances. Notice she can't hold a key. It wasn't till now that people saw how much she stunk, how pathetic. I knew this right from the beginning. When it comes to album of the year, [Lady Gaga's] The Fame was a work of art. I dont understand why Taylor deserved it, I was hoping for Kanye to pop out and be like 'Yo Taylor, I'mma let you finish but Lady Gaga had the best album of all time.' " (Jhonny)

"I have also seen Taylor three times in concert and the fourth will be at Gillette Stadium. I love her concerts and the performances she gives are awesome. I will go to all her performances in my area and I love her voice, I love her singing. I have all her CDs/DVDs and as for the bashers, it's just like you said in the article: They hide behind there computers and say the nasty and hateful things and don't have to be accountable for their abusive behavior." (Tommy)

" 'If she couldn't sing, then why would she be winning Grammys and CMA Awards, which are both voted on by professional musicians?' And by professional musicians, you mean Randy Jackson's personal assistant and Twitter followers, right? Whatever. Lady Gaga should have won that. Her songs are EVERYWHERE and appeal to a more broad audience. Taylor Swift is too tween, and her live vocals are reedy and weak AT BEST. Also, am I the only one who thinks every single song she puts out sounds EXACTLY the same? She is a talented songwriter, but so is Lady Gaga ... and her album deserved that so much more." (MsMandee)

"You may think Swift is a bad live performer. And you may feel that Swift hasn't brought a unique style, personality or energy to the industry. But that's all irrelevant here. She did not win'Performer of the Year' or 'Artist of the Year' or 'Singer of the Year' or 'Person of the Year.' She won Album of the Year. People should be criticizing that album and its shortcomings, not looking at Swift and her shortcoming. Anything outside the recordings on that 13-track album is irrelevant. Who cares if she can or can't perform those songs live? Who cares about Swift's personality or image? That's not what the award was for. The award was for the album — which was a first-rate record." (Brad)

"Team Kanye West! He was right all along, and most people know it in their hearts. Taylor did not deserve the VMA over Beyoncé, and she didn't deserve the Grammys either. Note to Taylor: learn how to sing on-key, or get off the stage!" (TSharky)

"TAYLOR SWIFT WON ... no one can change that. And for the people saying she can't sing ... SOMEONE or 5-million-plus people in the U.S.A. disagree because they all bought her album ... that is not including worldwide sales. I mean, none of the other artists had their album on two different charts at #1 on numerous occasions. Don't get me wrong, I loved the other four artists in the category and I own all 5 CDs, however the other combined sales barely outsold Fearless, which in the world of the Grammys means she deserves to WIN!" (Linz_3210)

You've read what a lot of readers think — what do you think of the Taylor Swift backlash? Sound off below!