Katie Holmes, Elijah Wood Call Larry 'Pants On The Ground' Platt 'Amazing'

'I've been watching ... The pants guy!' Holmes laughs about unlikely 'American Idol' star Platt.

Like many of you, Katie Holmes has been tuning in week after week to survey the talent the latest season of "American Idol" has to offer — and the star shared with us the one contestant that has dazzled her so far.

" 'American Idol,' I started again, which I've been watching," she told MTV News. "I know [the auditions have been] wild. The pants guy! I mean, I remember the first season and then sort of I got ... I didn't watch it for a while, and now [I've been watching]."

Holmes' "The Romantics" co-star Elijah Wood has been equally enamored with Larry Platt, who auditioned for the show in Atlanta and shared with the judges his little ditty "Pants on the Ground." "I haven't watched that show until this most recent season," Wood shared. "I watched the first two seasons kind of religiously and then I didn't watch it. So now I'm back on and it's kind of amazing — the audition phase is the best part. 'Pants on the Ground' — yeah, it's amazing. It's mesmerizing."

Mary J. Blige, who recently joined Kara DioGuardi, Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson at the judges' table during the audition stop in Atlanta, shared that she too couldn't resist Platt's charms.

"Wow, when the man was performing 'Pants on the Ground,' I couldn't believe what was happening," she recalled. "When he did the split and the whole nine, I was like, 'I'm done. This show is over. Please get me out of here 'cause I'm just gonna burst.' "

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