Quentin Tarantino, Anna Kendrick React To Oscar Noms

'I am overwhelmed and honored by this nomination,' 'Up in the Air' star Kendrick says.

This year's Oscar ceremony honors aliens and wizards, queens and princesses, Nazi-scalping warriors and bomb-defusing badasses. From the 10-deep Best Picture field to the less glamorous technical achievement awards, the films comprise a particularly diverse group in 2010. But the casts and crews of all these flicks have one thing in common: They're all incredibly thankful to be nominated.

"Wow! This honor gives me such tremendous satisfaction," said Quentin Tarantino, whose "Inglourious Basterds" garnered eight total nominations, including Best Picture and Best Director. "And I'd like to congratulate all the other nominees in the directing and writing categories. I'm proud to be in their company."

Best Supporting Actress nominee Anna Kendrick, who already tweeted her gratitude, released a formal statement as well. "I am thrilled beyond words to be nominated with these talented and inspiring women," she said. "Being involved in a film as special as 'Up in the Air' was a dream come true. I am overwhelmed and honored by this nomination and am so grateful to be able to share this experience with George [Clooney], Vera [Farmiga] and Jason [Reitman]."

Farmiga is nominated in the Best Supporting Actress category too, though she told Variety that she's feeling a bit apprehensive about the awards show. "I'm pretty sober about this whole thing," the actress explained. "I loathe announcements where you're waiting for your name to be called, but now it's nice that we can hold hands through all of this. And it's pretty great to hold George Clooney's hand."

Colin Firth, meanwhile, is treating the experience of his Best Actor nod for "A Single Man" with characteristic good humor. "I thought I was managing my expectations, but on hearing the news I discovered new and unfamiliar vocal tones," he said in a statement. "Perhaps I should do another musical."

"Up" is the only animated film nominated for Best Picture, and director Pete Docter sees his movie's inclusion as proof that his medium is not just for kids. "It reflects the way we look at these films — not as animated or kid films but films," he told Variety. "They have the same responsibility or expectation of any other film."

Gabourey Sidibe, Best Actress nominee for "Precious," said in a statement, "As soon as I heard, I jumped up and down and for some reason I kept screaming, 'I'm gonna get a car, I'm gonna get a car.' I don't know why."

"My face hurts I can't stop smiling," Best Actor nominee Jeremy Renner, star of "The Hurt Locker," said in a statement. "I'm so happy for everybody on the movie, it's just really, really tremendous. It's huge."

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