Swizz Beatz Says He's Scoring A Movie 'Bigger Than 'Avatar' '

'It's forcing me to take everything to the next level,' he tells MTV News during Hip-Hop and R&B Week.

Swizz Beatz is coming off the heels of producing the epic charity song "Haiti Mon Amour (Stranded)" for Jay-Z, Rihanna and U2's Bono and The Edge, but he said he has something even bigger up his sleeve. James Cameron, look out. Swizz has an upcoming film project he said will knock "Avatar" right off its box-office throne.

"It's so major," Swizz told MTV News. "It gives me chills. Just ... I can't [reveal more details]. That one is so big. I need the ink to dry."

Swizz was confident enough to predict that the movie would be a colossal blockbuster. "I'm working on scoring a movie bigger than 'Avatar,' " he said of Cameron's epic, which became the highest-grossing movie of all time last week. "It's life-changing to the world. The message is life-changing. The concept is life-changing. The sound is gonna be life-changing. This is another thing that put me in a zone to step my whole game up. I can't be involved in these major projects with a sound that's not justifying why I'm on those projects."

Swizz said this project is part of his plan to use a more "worldly sound" in his production.

"It's forcing me to take everything to the next level," Swizz said. "Even though my mind was already there, God just blessed me with a gift to go with that. It's like training in the gym. You're training for a fight or you're training to be in shape. There's a goal in why you're training. Musically, while I'm training myself, I have goals. My goal is to make the sound for this movie as big as the movie. ... Matter of fact, bigger than the movie. I want this sound that me and the director, what we're connecting with, to be the driving force of the movie. When people hear this sound, they think of the movie and it puts them in a positive zone. It's a real big responsibility, and it's about discipline. 2010 equals positive energy. The discipline of having positive energy is very hard — especially when you live in a negative world."

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