Paramore's Hayley Williams Is 'Obsessed' With Lady Gaga

'We've been needing an artist like her for a long time,' Hayley says of her new fave.

It wasn't difficult to do — what, with Beyoncé and Taylor Swift winning a combined 10 trophies — but after Sunday night's Grammy Awards, most people found themselves brimming with a renewed sense of what the Spice Girls (and many others) have termed "Girl Power."

Then, there were people like [artist id="1968732"]Paramore's[/artist] Hayley Williams, who had the "Girl Power" bug long before the Grammys even got underway — and not just because she fronts one of the biggest pop/rock acts on the planet, either. Seems she's recently fallen under the spell of one [artist id="3061469"]Lady Gaga[/artist], too.

"I think it's amazing to have female artists that write their own material and they put all the work in," Williams told MTV News on the Grammy red carpet. "I'm very newly obsessed with Lady Gaga. We've been needing an artist like her for a long time, for awhile now: She does everything, and she's great at it. And I really respect that."

But her admiration doesn't just stop with Gaga (who won two Grammys and kicked off the telecast with an inspired performance that featured plenty of severed limbs and a duet with Elton John. It seems Williams is also obsessed with the night's two biggest winners, too — one of whom (Swift) she already considers a close friend.

"And, of course, I respect Beyoncé, she's written some ridiculous hooks for a really long time now," Williams said. "And Taylor's just a really great girl all around."

Sadly, all that Girl Power didn't help Paramore on Sunday: Their "Decode" (from the "Twlight" soundtrack) was nominated for a Best Song Written For Motion Picture, Television or Other Media Grammy, but they lost to "Jai Ho," from the Oscar-winning "Slumdog Millionaire."

The 2010 Grammy Awards may be over, but MTV News will have much, much more from the show, including reports on your favorite nominees, party photos, behind-the-scenes video and much more from the big show!