Katy Perry, Russell Brand Laugh Off Pregnancy Rumors

'I was briefly pregnant,' Brand jokes, shocking his fiance on the Pre-Grammy Gala red carpet.

When [artist id="3274550"]Katy Perry[/artist] and Russell Brand graced the red carpet together at the Pre-Grammy Gala on Saturday night, they were in high spirits, laughing and joking around as they made their way down the press line. The couple, who announced their engagement earlier this year, seemed to find rumors of their impending parenthood to be the funniest joke of the night.

"I was briefly pregnant, but when it was born it was such a horrible little thing we left it in a parking lot," Brand told MTV News, while Perry seemed genuinely surprised by his response. "Let it fend for himself!"

And while Perry revealed to her betrothed that MTV News correspondent Sway got her flowers last Valentine's Day, this year Brand has her gift on lock. "I don't know how I'm going to top that gift," he quipped. "I mean, there's been a lot of flowers involved. She's walked everywhere on petals since we met. ... Petals and clouds, a requiem of angelic, climactic cries."

Since both Perry and Brand are known for their out-there personas, would they ever collaborate artistically? "We do a lot of collaboration," said Perry, who will have a cameo in Brand's film, "Get Him to the Greek." "But I'm not so sure in our career."

"I'd like to make an art installation like a Matthew Barney sort of art installation," Brand added. "Where we stare listlessly into space for a couple of hours and feathers fall on us. It's about 14 hours long."

But, at the end of the day, we really want to know about the important stuff, like just how big Perry's engagement ring is. "Enough! It's not about the ring," she said, adding that living with Brand is quite wacky. "Right, hello! My crazy-ass life! What am I doing? Whenever I freak out, I go, 'This is what I wanted!' "

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