'Jersey Shore' Star Snooki Dishes On Season Two

'Expect more pickle eating, more drunken fights ... just crazy stuff,' the star says.

The "Jersey Shore" cast will be back for a second season of their hit MTV show this summer. With the ink dry on their contracts, breakout star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi said that she's ready for more action and drama with her castmates.

"Well, the Snooki fans should be very excited, 'cause I was the last one to leave last season," she told MTV News as she prepared to be our special correspondent on the Grammy Awards red carpet. "So, I hope I'm the first one in the house [on season two]. They should expect more pickle eating, more drunken fights ... just crazy stuff."

Snooki said that for a minute, she wasn't sure if she'd be back for more partying with Pauly D, the Situation, J-Woww, Sammi, Ronnie and Vinny.

"I honestly didn't know if we were going to do the second season," she said. "I wasn't sure, but I'm really excited. I can't wait. I'm really happy they brought us back.

"I miss them all, and I feel like now that we know each other so much more, we're best friends," she added. "We're not scared to hurt each other's feelings."

Does the diminutive party girl have any regrets about deciding to live her life on TV? Definitely not. "Being on the show was a good experience," she asserted. "I feel like I grew. I feel like I matured."

And Snooki doesn't just count her time in the house as part of her [url id="http://www.mtv.com/shows/jersey_shore/series.jhtml"]"Jersey Shore"[/url] growth, but also what came after the show's success. "The best experience is probably doing every talk show and every magazine in one week," she recalled. "People work their lives to do that, and we got it in one week, so that's amazing. It's awesome to meet all these celebrities."