Justin Bieber, Ke$ha Look Forward To 2011 Grammys

The Best New Artist presenters admit they'd like to be nominees next year.

WEST HOLLYWOOD, California — When [artist id="3213641"]Ke$ha[/artist] presents Best New Artist at the Grammy Awards on Sunday night with fellow newbie [artist id="3187077"]Justin Bieber[/artist], she's hoping that she makes enough of an impression that voters remember her when ballots for the 2011 awards are sent out.

"I'm presenting for best new artist ... so I have a secret favorite," she told MTV News while checking out the goods at the Grammy Awards Styling Suite on Saturday afternoon. While she wouldn't divulge which nominee she was pulling for — Zac Brown Band, Silversun Pickups, Keri Hilson, MGMT and the Ting Tings are up for the award — she did mention that she's a huge Hilson fan, so that might be a clue.

Asked if perhaps by having her present Best New Artist, the folks behind the Grammys were giving her an early inside line on a 2011 nod, the singer smiled sweetly and said maybe. "They're alluding to something; I hope so," she said. "Perhaps, maybe next year, maybe I'll be up for it."

Getting psyched to attend his first Grammys, Bieber said he was just excited to see all the big-name artists, especially one he's got a major thing for. "I'm looking forward to looking at Beyoncé," he said with a smile. "I have a little crush on Beyoncé. But she's got a man. ... It's a little inappropriate."

While the 15-year-old's debut, My World, came out too late to be considered for Best New Artist this year, Bieber said he also hoped he could maybe make the cut in 2011. "I'm looking forward [to the Grammys]," he said. "Growing up, I watched the Grammys. ... It's going to be a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to a lot of good energy, the good vibes in the room."

With Beyoncé, Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga up for a combined 23 awards on Sunday night, Ke$ha was also psyched for a dose of female power at the show, and she agreed with Bieber about which lady she was keeping an eye on. "I think that 'Single Ladies' was one of the best songs of last year," she said. "I'm a huge Beyoncé fan. I think she's just the classiest woman in music. I'm really excited to maybe meet her. ... I think it's an exciting time for women. A lot of strong women are out there. It's cool to be a part of that."

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