‘Avatar’ Actor Joel David Moore Discusses The Script Vs. Finished Film

'What you see out there is essentially what we started with,' the actor says.

Now that Fox has posted the script for [movie id="301495"]“Avatar,”[/movie] we can all see the full scope of what James Cameron had planned for his sci-fi epic, from alien-on-human sex scenes to deeper looks at a futuristic Earth. But how much of this script was actually shot? How much of the footage was left on the cutting-room floor?

Not a whole lot, it turns out. “It is the finished product,” Joel David Moore said. “I actually saw online that they released the script and I thought, ‘I wonder if they changed it to the shooting draft? I wonder if anything’s changed?’ And no, what you see out there is essentially what we started with.”

That’s not to say everything in the script made it into the final cut or that the online script represents the version Cameron had in place for the years of production it took to complete the movie. “You go through drafts of it as you’re going,” he said. “Any movie does that. It’s not a completely different thing. [Cameron's] vision was all there.”

Moore said he shot scenes that further explored his character’s relationship with Sam Worthington’s, as well as scenes that delved into the history of the school that human scientists built for the native Na’vi humanoids.

“We spent some time there, but in tightening everything up and making it user-friendly, the story is more important than taking time to tell [the backstory],” he said.

But as Moore emphasized, what’s in the online script is essentially what audiences have seen — and seen and seen and seen — in the theaters. The first time the actor saw the film, his mind was blown.

“I went up to James and I said, ‘You didn’t prepare us for that, man!’ And he said, ‘What the hell do you think we’ve been making for three years?’ ”

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