Nick Jonas Is 'Very Excited' To Present An Award At The Grammys

'It's such a prestigious event and so many amazing musicians [will be there],' he says.

[artist id="3454571"]Nick Jonas[/artist]' tour with the Administration is coming to an end and he will soon join his brothers at the Grammy Awards where the superstar trio will be on hand to present an award. And Nick, who was nominated with Joe and Kevin for a Grammy award last year, admitted that he can't wait to hit up the show on Sunday.

"We're gonna be presenting an award. I'm very excited about that and it's just an honor to be there. It's such a prestigious event and so many amazing musicians who are far more talented than I am [will be there], so just to be in their presence is fun," he told MTV News. "I'm not sure yet actually [which award we'll be presenting]."

All everyone seems to be talking about is the awards race between Lady Gaga, Beyoncé and Taylor Swift, and Nick thinks that Taylor has a particular edge over Gaga and B. "I think Beyoncé and Taylor are both having big years and Lady Gaga, of course, so it's a toss-up. I'm not completely sure. I think that it all depends on if the vote is split by kind of the rhythmic sound of Beyoncé and Gaga," he explained. "Then that will leave a lot of room for Taylor. There's a lot of good nominees. It's hard to tell who's gonna take home what."

But Nick does know who he'd most like to collaborate with if given the opportunity. "Probably Beyoncé. Maybe some type of soulful ballad would be cool," he said. "She's fantastic — definitely a living legend at this point."

With the ladies ruling the night, Nick just really hopes there are some awards left over for his current favorite band to take home. "Kings of Leon would be nice," he said. "They're great and their record's fantastic. So hopefully they can win something."

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