Rick Ross Says New Collaboration With John Legend Is 'Next-Level Vibe'

'We back at it. It's most definitely creative,' MC says of the pair's new creation.

The Bawse is back and he's got his Grammy-winning friend with him. Rick Ross and John Legend recently finished a new collaboration called "Sweet Life," with a video to boot.

"It's a lot of Internet, a lot of online chatter going on — a lot of talk of this new Rick Ross/ John Legend collaboration," Ross said. "I'm confirming it. It's official. We got another record. ... Ah man, I don't know how to describe this one. 'Magnificent' was one of my favorite records off Deeper Than Rap. But the new John Legend [collaboration] is most definitely next-level vibe. We back at it. It's most definitely creative. Shout-out to John Legend — I think he makes a huge contribution to music. Myself, I try to get better and better with every rhyme I make — every rhyme I bring to the table, I want to make sure it's more potent than the last. I'm setting this album, Teflon Don, to be the album of my career."

Ross' record with Legend won't be released for a while, so the first song he wants to focus on is the sequel to his controversial "Mafia Music."

"Always wanted a Rolls Royce with no job," he raps. "All I fear is a dope charge/ Tell me what's the odds of appeal for a dope boy?/ Who sheds tears for a dope boy?/ Or what happens to the kids of a dope boy?"

" 'Mafia Music 2' is the first release from my album Teflon Don," he explained. "It's real exciting. A lot of people don't know Teflon Don was my original rap name — so it's coming back around full-circle. For me, it makes sense to come back with 'Mafia Music 2' because my hunger is the same from 'Mafia Music 1.' It's a new year."

Teflon Don is due to be released later this year.