Patrick Stump Records Solo Album, But Don't Call It That

'Solo' just sounds to me like it implies that it's some kind of vacation,' Fall Out Boy singer says.

There's a reason Patrick Stump's Web site just underwent a rather drastic redesign, but it's not what you think. OK, well, it sort of is.

On Wednesday, the Fall Out Boy singer scrapped the cartoony feel of his site (the floating illustration of his head will truly be missed) in favor of a black screen and a rather foreboding quote from French author Anais Nin written in white lettering: "And the time came when the risk it took to stay closed in a bud became more painful than the risk it took to bloom."

Most fans interpreted that quote to mean he's going solo, especially with Fall Out Boy on a sort of free-form hiatus at the moment. Stump, however, says he made the change not to kick off some confounding viral campaign for his first solo effort, but because he had just grown tired of the old site's color scheme.

"I don't really believe in viral stuff and manufactured mystery," Stump wrote to MTV News in an e-mail. "I just didn't like the way my site looked anymore."

But, oh, now that you mention it, he is working on a solo album. "I'm working on an album," he continued. "I'll be writing/producing/performing everything myself. Stay tuned."

Stump — who has produced for the likes of Cobra Starship, Gym Class Heroes and the Cab — wouldn't reveal any additional details about his mysterious new album. But he updated his Web site again on Thursday (January 28), this time with a video that showed him playing drums, guitar, organ and horns (among other things) on a rather funky track. Oh, and he'd really prefer if you didn't call the album "a solo project." Seems that phrase carries with it some decidedly bad connotations.

"I never liked that phrase, but I'm sure it will get used," he wrote. " 'Solo' just sounds to me like it implies that it's some kind of vacation or something, you know?"