Kristen Stewart Compares 'Rileys' Role To 'Twilight'

'It just felt so completely right to be telling this story,' she says of 'Welcome to the Rileys.'

To hear Kristen Stewart talk about her role as an underage stripper in "Welcome to the Rileys" is to understand the way in which the character continues to live in the actress' mind and affect her emotionally. For all the attention she's garnered for the "Twilight" series, the 19-year-old actress maintains that her experience on "Rileys" stands out as both the most personal and most natural of her career.

"This ... was different from any movie that I've done," she told MTV News at the Sundance Film Festival. "How do you describe a feeling? I don't know. It just felt so completely right to be telling this story with [director Jake Scott] and [Melissa Leo] and Jim [Gandolfini], and that's different to any acting I've ever done."

In tandem with her other Sundance entrant, "The Runaways," Stewart has entered 2010 with two gritty films that showcase her acting talents in ways the "Twilight" franchise never could. Of the two movies, it seems "Rileys," in which her damaged stripper connects with a grieving couple (Gandolfini and Leo), is the one that has affected her the most.

Speaking about how "right" the part felt, Stewart said, "You have moments of that [in other roles], but you never have that for an entire movie, and I had that on this. But I have moments on 'Twilight' all the time. That's the only reason I'm able to do it."

In an earlier interview with MTV News, the actress argued that even though the film presents her in a far different light than the "Twilight" films, fans of the vampire franchise will find much to connect with in "Rileys."

"Most 'Twilight' fans are young girls, and this is a really, really good story for them," she said. "It just sort of opens your eyes. You just don't have any options."

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