Daniel Franco From 'Project Runway' Makes 'American Idol' Cameo

Montage of Adam Lambert wannabes during L.A. auditions also includes Michael Castro and Cassidy Haley.

"American Idol" fans are buzzing after Tuesday night's (January 26) episode, thanks to the revelation that Adam Lambert's huge post-"AI" success has new contestants eager to mimic his unique style. One featured face is raising the most eyebrows, however: Daniel Franco from "Project Runway."

A montage of people who came to the Los Angeles auditions dressed like Lambert featured several men and women decked out with spiky hair, eyeliner and lots of leather. One highlight included someone butchering Living Colour's "Cult of Personality" while employing all of Adam's tics but little of the talent that made Lambert an "Idol" breakout star.

In the middle of it all, however, was Franco — who was cut in the first-ever episode of "Runway" and then begged to be back on season two — cracking a joke about how he looked like the lovechild of Lambert and Susan Boyle. "If Adam Lambert and Susan Boyle had sex, which is pretty farfetched," Franco said on Tuesday's show, "I'd be it, pretty much."

What makes his appearance even more intriguing is that at 38, he's well over the 28-year-old age limit for "Idol" contestants, which could possibly imply that the show's producers were familiar with his reality-show history and figured he'd be good cannon fodder.

For those keeping score at home, other Lambert wannabes in the montage included Cassidy Haley (Lambert's musician friend whom he has tweeted about in the past) and Michael Castro, little brother to "Idol" season-seven finalist Jason Castro. Michael made it to Hollywood Week last season, but judging by the montage treatment, it doesn't look like he's advanced this time around.

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