Paper Tongues Have Randy Jackson To Thank For Their Record Deal

'I kind of startled him a little bit,' lead singer Aswan North said of accosting the 'American Idol' judge at a Los Angeles restaurant.

Before the Paper Tongues got a record deal from "American Idol" judge Randy Jackson, the guys were just a band with a silly name. And now that they've acquired a considerable amount of buzz in the music industry, people can't help but wonder how they got that silly sounding name.

"It honestly started off as two names in a hat. We couldn't come up with anything at all, so we just wrote down words that sounded good phonetically, pulled them out, mixed everything around and came up with Paper Tongues," guitarist Devin Forbes explained.

Forbes also wasn't ashamed to admit that by sheer coincidence, they almost accidentally named themselves after the Kings of Leon. "It's really funny. I still laugh about this 'cause one of the band names we were thinking of calling it was Kings of Leoness. And none of us had any idea who the Kings of Leon were," he explained. "We did not know there was a band called Kings of Leon. It was, like, five years ago, and then we found out they were a huge band."

So, with a band name and demo all ready to go, it was only a matter of time before the guys got discovered. And unlike many "American Idol" hopefuls, all the guys had to do was just happen to run into Randy Jackson in order to land a record deal. No snippy Simon Cowell moments for these guys.

"Me and my buddies saw him [at a restaurant in Los Angeles]. We walked outside, I got a valet dude to give me a piece of paper, wrote down my MySpace and my cell phone number, took it back over to him, and the rest is history," lead singer Aswan North explained. "I kind of startled him a little bit. I just got really amped. Two hours later, homeboy called me back. It was amazing when he called in two hours. We were all pretty startled."

The band's debut album is due out this March.

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