Timbaland Says Jay-Z Put Him Up On Drake

'Jay-Z kept telling me, 'Yo, man, you gonna wanna get in the studio with this guy named Drake,' ' Tim tells MTV News.

[artist id="503162"]Timbaland[/artist] recently told MTV News that he had no problem with guest star [article id="1630061"]Drake commandeering his song "Say Something"[/article] with a chorus and featured verse. Tim even said [artist id="2545682"]Drake[/artist] can have the song for his [article id="1627594"]Thank Me Later[/article] debut as well.

"It could have been his record. Still can," Tim said. "He can put it on his record. I'm gonna be working with him anyway coming up real soon."

Yes, Tim said he's one of the producers who has gotten the call for Thank Me Later. "Drake is the type of person that can't rap on anybody's beat," Tim said. "You gotta get the right sound that fits Drake. I could have it or I couldn't. I wanna see if I'm the man who could match him up to the right sound."

The super-producer said he was first hipped to Drake by Jay-Z.

"His tone," Tim said about what attracted him to work with the 23-year-old Canadian. "I love his tone. Jay-Z kept telling me, 'Yo, man, you gonna wanna get in the studio with this guy named Drake. I'm telling you. He's the next cat.' I'm telling him, like, 'Whatever you say. [If] he's the next cat, he's the next cat.' His tone is ridiculous right now. I love his tone."

"Say Something" is one of the current singles from Timbaland Presents Shock Value II — and one of the most popular. MCs such as Grafh, Bow Wow, Wale, Lupe Fiasco and, most recently, Fat Joe have recorded their own verses to the song.