'Vampire Diaries' Star Katerina Graham Says New Episodes Have 'Challenges'

'Bonnie is definitely going to be faced with some challenges that she was not expecting,' Graham says of her character.

When [movie id="435271"]"The Vampire Diaries"[/movie] returns on February 21, fans will be scrambling to know what's next for the kids of Mystic Falls, Virginia. While hints were dropped that Elena ([movieperson id="987599"]Nina Dobrev[/movieperson]) could fall prey to the charms of Damon ([movieperson id="261735"]Ian Somerhalder[/movieperson]) and forget about Stefan ([movieperson id="406917"]Paul Wesley[/movieperson]), it comes as no surprise that her witchy BFF, Bonnie, may have a crisis on her hands as well.

"Bonnie is definitely going to be faced with some challenges that she was not expecting," [movieperson id="361720"]Katerina Graham[/movieperson], who plays Bonnie on the show, told MTV News recently. "And in order to protect her family and her friends, she's going to have to make some decisions that are going to test her and Elena's friendship. And she's going to have to either really be there for her or take a step back."

Throughout the season, Bonnie has been dealing with the revelation that she has magical powers and she's also had to help Elena come to terms with Stefan being a vampire. Considering that Bonnie's ancestors and the Salvatore brothers have crossed paths in the past, it's unsurprising that she's feeling a bit torn about her role.

"I don't know if it's more trepidation than a grudge," she said about Bonnie's feelings toward Stefan and Damon Salvatore. "I think that Bonnie just wants everyone to be OK, to be safe, and she doesn't want anything bad to happen to her friends and her family," she said. "It's more of a, 'Maybe they're OK, maybe they're not.' "

Since the show's debut in the fall, it's been a weekly staple for many CW fans, with the ratings reflecting its popularity. Graham says it's the cast's chemistry that keeps people checking back week after week. "I knew that if the show was going to make it, it was gonna be a great success because, one, the way it's written. It's not just written like a vampire show. It talks about relationships. ... We have a bigger demographic than you would think," she explained. "I also knew the way we are on set, there's something special about us. There was something special about the producers and the writers and the way we click together. I've never experienced that on a set before and I knew if we were successful, a lot of the reason would be because we are such a unit."

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